I am just going to spend a penny…again….

“Mummy is just going to have a wee…again, I will be 1 second J”

“1!” “ok, maybe..a bit longer!”

“Mummy is just getting a drink, 2 seconds!” “1,2” “ok J maybe more like 2 minutes” “ok !”

“Right!-paw patrol”-sorted.

Weeing…the toilet…we meet again….thirst…..here we go.

I swear my body has turned into some sort of canal, a tidal wave, and I will become a giant prune.

Right! I am weighing myself.

4 1bs lost in 2 days?!

It’s all that bloody weeing, my stomach and kidneys have gone mental!

More water…glug glug.


My face doesn’t hurt when I smile…or actually…my cheeks don’t hurt…

Hmmm is this the steroid taper….tapering to 20mg tomorrow…


Hmmm moon face not looking so….moony….

Oh god I need a wee again.

2 secs.

The thing with baldder urgency is it can be a case of needing to go…but like NOW not “can you wait a minute?” no actually I can’t…and with me at the moment it’s not like a little bit…it’s like a full on tsunami.

Jokes aside-it’s not much fun when you’re out, you’ve been for a wee before you left and now you need to go…but where is the nearest loo…?!

I do carry a toilet card explaining (should I need too)- pleased to say I have never had an issue-is this because I am female? I could be pregnant or on my period? Is this why I am never questioned?


Radar keys are awesome too-do get one should you need to (I need a new 1 as mine has gone walkies-again!!)- cafe’s/pubs often will have one for their disabled loo, but having your own makes life a lot easier! Ebay, disability websites and even Argos sell them! Not expensive at all. Great if you don’t fancy queuing for a key or caught out at the sea side or even in a park!

Bowels can also be fun, this seems only an issue depending on medication at the time e.g iron tablets-the joy of constipation followed by diorehhea (not always).

The other thing is, when I was on steroids before, as you can read about in older blog posts, I chunked weight on with pred as I was on such a high dose for sooooo long. Water retention, severe lack of mobility and excercise, medication, increased appetite, that this time round I panicked this would happen again.

Hmm appears I was good at avoiding photo’s when I was a 24-26 before…just spent a few mins trying to find one to insert here…


But this is pretty much how I have been feeling!

So I ended up buying clothes in bigger sizes and pleased to say sold these once again on facebook and ebay-marvellous.

I sometimes see a “bigger” me than I actually am looking back at me in the mirror, I only believe I am not this size when I try smaller clothes on that fit and or end up returning a fair bit of stuff I have ordered online that is too big.

Feet…me and my feet….I am fitting more into an 8.5 UK size more recently which is nice as sometimes I can get an 8.5 in the sale in converse when a 9 has sold out….which is good….my bank balance won’t thank me if they shrink a bit more so I fit irregular choice shoes more easily however…haha.

So sometimes….our bodies can change with weight, with water retention, with temperature, with medication…

For me…I am just gonna spend a penny…again….

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