Have yourself a merry little Christmas



Merry Christmas everyone, here I am in full Christmas steroid glory.

I have had a glass of wine or 2, lovely food, lovely presents, in 1950’s rockabilly fashion dress and petticoat, red sparkly converse are on the naughty step after cuutting my foot yesturday!

I am bigger in size than I wanted to be as I am spending the week on 40mg pred…


I am home with my family, not sat in hospital in the QMC or elsewhere for physical rehab.

My face hurts from blowing up-bang went Jane lol.

But…it is Christmas.

Pace yourseleves, make time to rest, try not to over do things, and don’t be afraid to say “no”-or have a sit down.

I look ok to a point but I have had times today and last few days where I have not.

Don’t be too quick to judge what you can’t see.

Gabapentin has featured as usual today and has been helping enourmously with nerve pain and “buzzing” in my feet and ankles.

So all that’s left to say is….


Have a very merry Christmas xx

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