Oh for god sake,shut up!

Growl….growl……dream dream….nonsense….nonsense….yawnnn..

No, we are not eating at 3.30 am, no we are not getting up at 4.00am, and oh fir god sake brain-stop bloody dreaming about a load of bloody nonsense and rubbish!


Be silent mind, be still brain, odd and weird dreams go to sleep-nightmares about rubbish stop, and just be quiet.

So, what is the meaning off life? Do I need a new coat? ooh Christmas shooping…hmm emails about dispatched orders,

Hmm shall I write something? Shushhhhh tummy….stop with the hunger pans…this is the steroids talking-ignore them! Growl all you like but I am not giving in-you are not skinny so use some fat stores woman.

Hmmm 4.30am….yawwwnnn….right…sleep….ahhhh comfy….soft cosy bed….nice and dark…..loo trip done after several toilet dreams.

Hmm so…NMO….NMO….hmmm -oh god it’s too early to think about that.

Hmm cup of tea…..in a while….not venturing downstairs by myself-not a good idea-don’t wanna fall and end up arse over tit and back in the QMC, no offense quys but it’s good to be out.

Qmc-ok, shout out to Dr.G and his team (if you are reading this Dr Green!)-all I can say is:


Thank you to you and Dr A, and my G.P Dr.C, for acting so fast. You have once again saved me, saved me from paralysis of the legs, believed me, and listened to me.

You acted fast, with I.V steroids, admission and MRI scan (gutted no music!-lol).

You reassured me you guys would treat me, and after finding a fluid leison on my spine, it all matched up.

So shame on you local hospitals to me-I will keep on pushing for NMO to be recognised, with my amazing dad and NMO UK charity,  don’t just fob people off with pain killers, and pack them on there way-if you don’t know-then…heaven forbid-google NMO!

So, on that note, I have 10 mins until I can eat breakfast after having my stomach prorector tablet, and my tummy just growled so loud I am surprised next door didn’t hear!

Be kind to yourseleves.

Until next time.

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