Bolognese love?!

“You want bolognese love” came the strong liverpuddlian accent.

Hmm. As I chewed mine, and stared at the appointment board in the canteen-a familiar warm feeling came over me.

How long had it been since I was last here at the Walton Centre? Hmm 6 months-yeah-can’t be anymore than that.

Hmmmm. It’s busy today….and Dr J is running behind….that’s never happened before. Hmm. So much has happened, so much I want to tell him, so many questions still… the time passed by I met someone else from the NMO group which was great-to put real faces to names and profile pictures.

Ooh mine turn….”Hi so how long has it been?” “Errr 6 months?!””No 1 year”

“What….no….1 year had passed since I was last here?!-wowww” so much had happened. Dr J was lovely as usual, his face beaming as I told him how I had started back to work, how I was ok since coming off steroids….wow.

Usual tests were done, the upper body one where I always worry I will knock Dr J over as my upper body was never affected. The leg one where I hope my legs behave in resistence tests.. walking toe to toe in a straight line forwards….then backwards-(that’s so hard! Lol).

“Good-so 1 year-MRI scan routine” my first thought-hmmm what music will there be… I’ve written before I’m partial to Girls Aloud when having an MRI-Abba is also good-especially ‘Dancing Queen-haha the irony lol.

So bloods….quick chat with physio and O.T….and that was it!

First time ever..I didn’t feel fatigued after an appointment.

Patients day for NMO was coming up and NMO awareness week.

I blogged more and had an idea……FB_IMG_1545520935978


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