I am what I am

Hello lovlies!

It’s saturday night, I am drinking wine and eating left over tortilla chips from dinner.

This is one of two posts I want to write, as I have said before…I think…apologies my memory is not as it “should be” apologies if I have said that before too!! Heehee.

So life is good. 2017-you are fabulous.

I have had a fair few medical appointments recently, two of which will “star” in later blog posts.

But for now, the title I have chosen is a favourite quote of mine. “I am what I am”  “and what I am needs no excuses”

I have spoken before about my fashion “sense”, weight blah blah.

I use blah blah; because that’s just it? Isn’t it?


Yes to be healthy, to me being healthy and strong means more than “being thin” please don’t think for a second I’m another curvy girl saying “I’m happy with my weight”-those who know me personally….know that is not my style.

You see, again I’ve spoken about this before. When I look at me, I am me. When I am at work, I am Jane. When I am with a doctor, I am a patient.

I do feel a difference.

Being strong phsyically is good-I wouldn’t be where I am now if I had not dedicated time to working out.

But…..but….being string mentally…?! That came from deep within.

That is what beat this thing. That is what got me here now, that is what stops me from wishing I was skinny, or wishing my hair was long.

But do you know what?!, I am not a size 10-nothing wrong with that ! But I am not, my hair is mid length-it’s grown from a pixie crop…because I lost a lot of hair with steroids.

I am not ‘a happy plus size girl’ I am a 31 year old woman, stubborn as anything-like her late nana (bless her), who knows who she is, where she has been, is bloody proud of her self. Who loves her family, adores her friends, had awesome colleagues-(fact!!!) Who I would class as friends, who aims to live life to the full.

I am what I am, and what I am needs no excuses.


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