All the things you said…

Hello all!

This part of my blog has had sooooo many titles in my head, it was a really difficult one to give a title. It perhaps shouldve been titled “untitled”.

What I wanted to talk about was the power of the mind. This is something that during my time of “being ill”.

Music became a good realease to me-I’ve always felt I can identify with lyrics in songs to some extent.

It was around the time I heard the song by TATU ‘all the things she said’ I had it blasting away in my car and misheard ‘she’ as ‘you’ after a few weeks of battling the title of this chapter, of re-writing it-that was it.

It just sometimes hits me now about how far I’ve come, and also what doctor’s say to me even now. At some point, somewhere…I stopped thinking of me having this “thing” this illness and just started living

I’m struggling to get this down even now.

Bottom line is, I never feel ‘ill’ unless I have overdone things-but my body in general copes well and it passess off so….untill I have to talk about it….I don’t think about it.

Sorry I am really struggling with this one!!


I am me…..I am not a patient….I am me!!!! I like quirky fashion…changing my hair….quirky shoes….I like wine…having a laugh…god dammit I like food….I like stand up comedy..the theatre…I watch you tube…I work and have a family!! And friends!!!

I am Jane. I AM NOT NMO.

Friends, wherever you are, what ever you are doing. For fuck’s sake (sorry mum n dad-whoopps!!)  DO NOT GIVE UP. DO NOT GIVE IN.

Please keep fighting, embrace what you can do, see your friends, have fun!! Spend time with your family.

Buy the shoes, drink the wine, eat the cake (or cheese in my case!) Live life. Love yourself and be kind to yourself. Take time to process things-I do!!! Hence listening to music.

Don’t stop believin (Journey).

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