I’m going to write a blog-Chris

“I’m going to write a blog Chris” “cool” I watched the C word on TV starring Sheridan Smith (a fave actress of mine!!) Portraying the character of Lisa  and the blog in which was started: “Alright Tit?” About her fight with breast cancer.

You see, I had plunged all my upest, hurt, frustration, pain, sadness, you name it-into getting better. My mind even now does not let me remember things, they say don’t they-health professionals and psychologists the mind is powerful and why would we remember stuff that was so traumatic? I do sometimes-not so much now, but back then at times yes. Flashbacks almost. I don’t really talk about it-crikey I haven’t told you lot what happened before I was in the MRI scanner.

Is it time? Maybe.

I had to take a break for a few days from writing this. You see, NMO is viscious-I am so happy at the moment that I couldn’t bring myself to open up about everything that lead up to the ultimate attack-pre “sound of the underground”-I thought I was ready-sorry, I am not.

One thing I have learnt is I’m me….me….and that’s fabulous. I am here, living life.

I knew I had to do something with all these feelings.

So I thought I would write! Everything that would come into my mind…I decided I would pour into a blog….so I sat down one day with my laptop and a cup of tea and began to write.

Patients day was coming up….last time…the previous year I was still feeling a little all over the place. A lot of “iffs” and “buts” and really in the early stages of it all. The moon face, the funny walk, the lack of confidence, confusion.

This year….was going to be different. I put on a favourite dress, put my slap on, fluffed up my hair and I was ready.

“Jane?” “Yes” “Hi I am Lynn I have read your blog” “Really?” “Yes, I loved it” oh wow. People were reading this!

Did somebody say something?




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