Don’t give up!

Scrape, scrape-bloody nora it was FREEZING!!!! Brrrrr. “Whoooops!!” As I slipped on the ice. More de-icer….and GO…! Had I got completley lost the plot? I could be inside, in the warm in my pjs watching paw patrol with James and Chris. Instead I was outside on a very cold January saturday morning, scraping my car ready to go to Slimming world-again.

Don’t give up I thought. Come on, I can do this. My steroid body had other ideas-to start with the weight would just not budge. It was almost like predisonolone was saying “haha screw you you’re stuck like this!” Whatever I seemed to do, or didn’t do…..the weight just didn’t move. Eat well and healithy…don’t eat well….drink alcohol…don’t drink alcohol…whatever I tried it just didn’t go. Possibly not helped by the fact I was still on iron tablets and codeine….which made me have diorrehea and then constipation. For a while I had  break from slimming world and just decided to try and eat less in general until the steroids had tapered a bit more, been on 10mg of pred (steroid) still made it hard, and I still felt like I was carrying a lot of excess fluid.

So then I thought back to when I used to go to the gym….the gym….I trotted off to Asda and found a work out ‘tshirt’ with the slogan: ‘Don’t give up’.


Something struck me. If I was gonna beat this thing, I had to start to look after myself. So slimming world and the gym..went hand in hand!

“So…just push?” “Yep thats it” pushhh “argh! Paul!!” As the chest press sprung back into place. “Good” he replied. It was my full induction at the end of the week…lord help us both I thought. Lol. It seemed my upper body which had not been affected by NMO had been over compensating somewhat, and I had gained strong upper body strength.

Don’t give up I thought, I can do this. There was something rather relaxing about this excercise malarky-I could switch off….or …could I.

Lovely sunny day outside I thought as I picked up speed on the treadmill. Oooh….I can turn the speed up…ok…..walking a bit faster…oooh beautiful blue sky….music on….lovely.

Oh my god!!! I’m going to run!! And…I can’t slow down… I reach for the emergency stop button or go with it….oh thank goodness…. it’s slowing down…..and I’m now going up hill…..ok….thats enough of that. Phew.

I looked at the swimming pool as I approached the leg press-‘one day-if I work really hard’ I thought. I had not swam for years…let alone stepped foot in a pool since I got ill….

Well I did it. I survived my first session….ish…lol. It felt good…I felt good….I knew at some point I would want to and need to get a new job, to play with James…to continue am dram…and I wanted to give myself a fighting chance of being able to stand physical activity/ies and increase my stamina in general.

It was around this time I started to listen to music more and found songs I could relate too or which inspired me.

2016 was going to be a good year. I could feel it.





4 thoughts on “Don’t give up!

  1. Hi fabulous read still trying to take it all in, need to read over it a few times. I would be really interested in what exercises your Physio gave you for correcting your turned in leg. I’m having problems and is really frustrating me. Any information would be greatly appreciated thank you xxx

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    1. Hi Sharon, thankyou firstly so much for taking the time to read my blog, I have a few chapters now and more to come!
      My left leg was being slightly turned it by my left knee and mademy foot roll slightly in as a result. It has changed and improved so much.
      My physio gave me a lot of leg strengthning excercises and also posture. When I went to the gym (see ‘feeling the burn’ they were quick to get me on a treadmill to correct my walking. I had to concentrate hard on rolling my foot properly when walking and bending it I had a lot of chair excercises involving lifting my toes and feet up and down-sounds small but it worked all the muscles.
      Also a lot of time, and generally when walking being concious of it. There are times now when it still wants to pull slightly in usually if I have sat down for a long time, driven or tired. It usually clicks (literally) and free’s itself up.
      Reiki is very good too (more on that soon!!)
      Hooe that helps xxxx
      Jane xxx

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      1. Thank you Jane that really helps. I have been so much better with increased mobility that my leg has rectified itself but like you say plays up when tired. I just get frustrated but then think of the positive side am improving. Thank you again xxx

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  2. Hi Sharon-thankyou very much for taking the time to read my blog-I am glad you have found it helpful.
    I will be writing the next part very soon.

    Yes it is most annoying my left leg starts to turn in twisting my knee slightly-and stops when I have rested.

    Fight the good fight-Jane xx

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